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You took the plunge and actually BOOKED your session?! CONGRATULATIONS!! Next step: START SHOPPING! :)

My most commonly asked questions are "What do I do next??" and "What do I wear??" "Do you provide the outfits?"

I decided to write a blog post to help take the stress out of deciding what to wear - and show what's possible if you choose not to spend a lot on wardrobe. I don't provide the outfits, but there are several items in the studio clients are welcome to use!


We all have a lot of things in our closet already, that with a little sexy imagination, can be turned into an awesome boudoir photography session wardrobe!

* JEANS. The pair of jeans in which you feel your SEXIEST? Pair them with a sweet, lacy bra or a sportsbra and sneakers. ... or nothing. It's up to you!

* SLOUCHY SWEATER. Pair with a beautiful pair of panties and you're done! Throw in comfy long socks if you like that look!

* DRESS/SKIRT. Do you have a fancy or fun dress you don't get to wear very often? Let's get a portrait of you wearing it for a special keepsake! Ethereal/light colored dress or the sexy little black number... or both!

* HEELS. I don't shoot a lot of full-body images in any given session. What this means for you, is that unless you need an excuse to buy new shoes, save your money in that area. Use what you have or borrow from a friend because they really won't be in many images.

* KIMONOS. Kimonos, dusters, long cardigans... these are popular right now and beautiful for boudoir. If you have a chiffon floral one, or a lacy or crochet one.. bring it! They photograph beautifully! I also have several of these available for use in the studio.

* BRA & PANTY SET. A beautiful matching set is the PERFECT boudoir outfit.

* BODYSUIT. Okay... this may not be in your closet yet, but it should be! They come in a ton of sizes and totally different looks. They cover the problem tummy area, if that's a concern of yours, and they also have long-sleeve options, if you have arm concerns. (Also, they are soooo affordable!)

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